Thursday, May 7, 2015

sorry for the hiatus

so I have taken a long time off from here but here is the down low, I have sold my chaos off to a good home and also got a good friend into the game which is nice, I still am working on the grey knights but need to pick up some electrical stuff so I can add some led lights to the models. the nids have gained about 1000 points, and am now working on black Templars, which in the long run I will have about 3500-4k pts for them. I will work on getting some pictures up for you guys and hopefully get some good feedback and maybe get some people actually looking at this thing.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

so the reason behind all this

so i just realized today that my blog is named hive mind controlled but yet have not posted anything of why that is. so lets start at the beginning shall we. i started playing warhammer 40k when i was 14, so about 12 years ago, and at the time i was only in it for the actual game not the hobby. by time i was in 10th grade i had a black Templar army, a tyranid army and the tau were just coming out so i started them. by 12th grade i was huge into tryanids and could field about 15000 points worth but non of them were painted just primed so that is when i started really getting into. i love to draw but at the time hated painting so its kind of funny that now i love the hobby aspect of this. since then i have sold all my army's and have started anew and have amassed a chaos, tyranid, tau, and grey knight army. the reason for the name is because the tyranids are still by far my favorite to field and you can do some much with conversions on them. i have included some of what i have done to my hive tyrant. i wanted to go with an alienesk vibe so i used mod podge and cut out the wings to make em look skeletal.

again sorry for some of the blurriness i think my hands might have been shaking.

Monday, July 8, 2013

sorry for the absence but here is a little preview

so i apologize for the delay but here is what i have been working on. i attempted to make a light box to hopefully take some better pictures and as you can see some were good some were bad, ill just have to get used to it. i also had no more grey knight shoulders so i was waiting on some instamold to come in the mail and also needed some more magnets but they are finally somewhat put together just got to do a little more on draigo's base.

so here we go:

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I'm really sorry for all that have viewed this blog. i had hopes of posting pictures more often of what i am up to but here is the skinny. I have been working on a light box so that the pictures that i take will be a lot better, but in my actual life work has been taking up a lot of my time, i have put in an application for a new position, one that would actually use what i am going to school for. i am however on vacation next week so i will try and get some up then. i have put the tau on the back burner and am now finishing up my grey knights, or at least trying to. the downfall i have is once i get an idea in my head and have it on paper i want to do it right away so i stop what i am currently doing and work on the next project so this blog may be a little ADD but i'm hoping to get some good feed back from all of you and hopefully help some others.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

here is a fix for the last pics and a few more for some fun

so i realized, thanks to a friend, that the pictures really weren't that good with the last post so here are some new ones that i took with an actual camera. Also another model that i am working on once my fire warriors are finished. for the paint scheme i am going to be using commander farsight with his retinue of bodyguards so i figure may as well make the whole army look the same way but i am not going to lie i kinda like just the black with the blue hue in the emblems. again not so hot on the lava due to the color blindness i think but i will take any and all help i can get.

 sorry about the blurriness in these two the camera wouldn't focus for some reason.